How to alkalise easily our body with PH drops

We have known for several years that the acidification of the body is the source of many diseases, as acidity weakens the immune system, but also all the cells of the body.

Only a diet rich in green vegetables can ensure sufficient alkalinity of the human body.

Unfortunately foods that acidify the body have become the food tradition of many countries. Bread, pastries, pasta and other cooked cereal-based foods, but also dairy products and sweets are very acidifying and yet have become the basis of our diet, especially because they are easy to keep for days , See weeks.

Fruits, vegetables and nuts and seeds, especially raw, should make up the majority of our meals, as was the case before the invention of cereal agriculture and the industrialization of food products.
Our way of eating has totally changed over the last 200 years, but not our DNA. We have the same body types as tens of thousands of years ago, but we now give them foods that are not at all appropriate. That is why all these chronic diseases are widespread, whereas they were very rare less than 100 years ago.

So to alkalize our body, we must first reduce the intake of acidifying foods, and increase the share of alkalinizers.
There are many books in French that present more in depth the benefits of alkalizing foods, and I advise you to read them to inform you.

To alkalize our body we can also use drinks, such as lemon and citrus juices, or green vegetable juices for example.

But there is also alkaline water, which makes it easy to bring alkalizing ions to our bodies.
Millions of people around the world, for example 40% of the Japanese and Korean population, use water ionizers on a daily basis. On the other hand it costs 2,000 Euros for a good machine, plus maintenance costs …


The most affordable solution, which has very beneficial effects, is to use alkalizing drops!
There are a few offers on Amazon, but personally I use the drops sold by Biotrends, which are very concentrated and therefore come back cheaper than the others. Besides that Biotrends is very riding on quality manufacturing, and after-sales service is very efficient.

Moreover, Biotrends makes its drops with Potassium, which allows the body to be recharged with bioavailable ions of potassium, the same essential mineral as that contained in green vegetables raw.

This is the simple way to get quality alkaline water, ready in 20 seconds!

Simply :
1- a bottle of mineral water, tap or reverse osmosis
2- one bottle of PH drops

All the water sold in bottles, and that of the tap, have a PH of about 7, the dose of drops to use is therefore the same for all these waters, no worries then.

For a 1.5 liter bottle (51 fl.oz), from 9 to 30 drops of Biotrends product can be added.

Many doctors who prescribe to drink alkaline water daily, very common in Asia, generally advise to drink 1 or 2 liters of water of PH 9 per day.

This makes 9 drops of AlkapHi per 1.5 liter of water.
Or 6 drops for 1 liter, 3 drops for 1/2 liter, or 2 drops for a glass of water.

I tested up to 30 drops per 1.5 liter, and the PH is still below 10, and the water is totally drinkable, although a little irritating and with a potassium taste.
The more you put on drops, the more magnesium ions you will bring to your body to neutralize acid toxins and power your cells.

Athletes will appreciate the fact that these ions of potassium will neutralize the production of acid and thus avoid the bending during and after effort, it really makes a big difference!

So for me, the minimum is 6 drops of AlkapHi per liter, and a maximum of 20 drops per liter.

A 6 drops per liter bottle Biotrends of 30ml, which contains 400 drops, thus makes it possible to alkalinize about 65 liters of water, that is 1 liter per day for 2 months, which is very affordable is not it!

At 12 drops per liter, a 30ml bottle will last a little over 1 month, with 1 liter per day of alkaline water.

So, I advise you at least to try these alkalizing drops, and see what difference they make for you,
Good luck,

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