I want to rejuvenate right now!

But anti-ageing products usually don’t work or are very expensive!

Then Biotrends crafted an affordable capsule that protects, repares and rejuvenates at the same time. Thanks to the reunion of 4 powerful anti-ageing agents:

  •  Epitalon to lengthen telomeres = 1mg /capsule
  •  Carnosine to extend cells’ lifespan = 150mg /capsule
  •  Resveratrol most powerful antioxidant = 125mg /capsule
  •  Lycopene to block free-radicals = 24mg /capsule


This coenzyme is at the edge of the fight against ageing!

NAD+ is a coenzyme present in all the cells, and is necessary for the electron transfer processduring the reactions of our metabolism to produce our ATP energy!

Cells and evidently humans just can’t live or survive without NAD+. 

Scientists have discovered that most deaths of our cells and most diseases happen when our cellular stock of NAD+ is totally depleted.

NAD+ is also crucial for cells communication and signalling, and its absence completely disorganises our organism!

The company Biotrends (based in Hong-Kong) is the only one in the world to allow individuals to access this priceless product, at the cutting edge of scientific discoveries in the domain of fighting ageing.

Testimonials NAD+ and new capsules !


Here I give you the latest testimonials on using NAD+ that I received:

1- “I started taking NAD+ as an anti aging product, but soon I noticed the energy kick it gives me.

So now I take it all the time before I do my workouts, because then I can do more than before.

It helps me get past my usual repetition number and that it’s a great helper.

The thing I like most is that I can get my energy boosted and take care of my health and obtain the anti ageing benefits at the same time.

When I am at home I take the powder as it feels more powerful and it is easy to take, but the pills feel just as great when I take like 3 to 9 pills.

I highly recommend the biotrends nad+ for gym or just for better life quality and longevity.

S.D. Europe”

2- “I am so happy I found out about your products.

I buy your Nouvelle Vie and NAD+ combo, started exercising and feel 10 years younger.

All my work mates want to know my secret. I am going to give your products as Christmas gifts this year.

Peter K., Canada.”

NAD+ new capsules:

# As promised Biotrends launches NAD+ 100mg vegan capsules!

I’m crazy for NAD+ as you know, and I take the powder every day, but I can not take it with me when I travel or go out for long hours.

So I also like having NAD+ tablets, which are easy to carry and dose in their small cylindrical box.

In case of sudden fatigue in the day I take 1 or 2 caps and in the next 20 minutes I am again full of energy, and I love it.

👉 Click here to this new jewel in anti-ageing!

I am delighted that the new capsules of NAD+ with a larger dosage arrived, because it will be even more convenient.

Thanks for all those who contributed to this update by buying the previous stock of 30mg tablets!


New testimony and more on the epitalon peptide

Here is a testimony received on July 25, 2017:


At age 61, I have been taking Nouvelle-Vie (New-Life) for 10 months now and I have almost no more asthma.
The first 3 or 4 months, I thought it did not work because nothing seemed to move, and yet I had already greatly reduced the intake of ventolin.

Before, whenever I went out to do an exercise or just a walk or go to market, I checked that I had it on me.
Some days I took 10 puffs to free my lungs.

For 7 months, I do not even think about it anymore, I do (a little) sports, walking every day and cycling, and I go ‘freely’ in confidence.
I no longer have the spray survival …

My skin is really brighter and several people told me that I had a girl’s complexion …
I have more energy too. I eat a lot of vegetables and fruits and I choose organic products.

It is a certain investment into my health and if the wallet stuck a little, the joy of being free and healthy is priceless.
I chose the automatic subscription at less than 10%, and the shipment arrives quickly.

Thank you !

Epitalon and other factors that prolong life.

Slowing down erosion of our telomeres by living a healthy life seems increasingly plosible, as more scientific institutions are studying this possibility.
The problem is that it is just a slowing down of telomere loss and not an extension of them.
So far the best results show a very moderate telomere loss decrease after 5 years of healthy living, which is really insignifiant.

# From a recent study published in the prestigious scientific journal The Lancet:

Telomere shortness in human beings is a prognostic marker of ageing, disease, and premature morbidity. We previously found an association between 3 months of comprehensive lifestyle changes and increased telomerase activity in human immune-system cells. We followed up participants to investigate long-term effects.

Our comprehensive lifestyle intervention was associated with increases in relative telomere length after 5 years of follow-up, compared with controls, in this small pilot study. Larger randomised controlled trials are warranted to confirm this finding.

Available through this link Effect of comprehensive lifestyle changes on telomerase activity and telomere length in men with biopsy-proven low-risk prostate cancer: 5-year follow-up of a descriptive pilot study.The Lancet Oncology, Volume 14, Issue 11, Pages 1112 – 1120, October 2013.

# Changes in lifestyle that protect telomeres are the same for all. These are:

– Nutrition: significant increase in the consumption of vegetables and fruits with reduced animal products and refined or sugary products
– Exercise: practice regular physical activity of moderate intensity. In the orde of 3 times 1-2 hours per week
– Stress: reducing sources of stress and practical techniques to manage stress. Sofrologie, meditation, massage, relaxation …
– Sociability : maintain good regular relationship with one’s relatives

Of course we have to add tobacco, air pollution and alcohol that accelerate aging by shortening telomeres. But those are already well known as premature ageing factors.
We will devote the next letter to the list of aggravating factors aging, singled out by many scientific studies on the subject.

# So if you want to live much longer and in good health, good habits and good attitudes are not enough, unfortunately!

It is imperative to recharge your cells, rejuvenate them by lengthening your telomeres, and for that we offer our Epitalon.
It is the only natural product that has been proven in numerous scientific studies conducted in different countries.

# Long telomeres are the key to living long and healthy, but also to look younger!

Remember this Danish study which we mentioned in the November 01th newsletter:

It is a study of identical twins – one of the most interesting and useful kind of studies you can have. Participants were asked to look at photos of 913 pairs of twins, side by side, and choose which one of the twins looked younger.
When they looked at the photos, the twin that looked younger turned out to be the one with the longer telomeres. These twins also had better health than their older-looking siblings.[5]
And that’s not the only thing that studies show us about telomeres. Research also shows us that every part of your body is affected by shortening telomeres. It gets harder for your heart, brain, kidneys, lungs, pancreas and other organs to do their jobs as your telomeres get shorter.

Available through this link. Perceived age as clinically useful biomarker of ageing: cohort study. Christensen, Kaare, et al, BMJ. 2009; 339:b5262.

Here we know about all these scientific studies, thus we know it is possible to live much longer and in good shape and health, and Epitalon is the first evidence that’s put at our disposal.
The results are surprising and witnesses of these rejuvenations are often speechless in front of users of Epitalon who look years younger in just a few weeks.
Indeed Epitalon rejuvenates the cells, and effects therefore are found inside but also outside of the body. Some users are reporting a tightening of their skin and refining of the pores removing them 10 years of age after just a few weeks of taking it !

Of course the lenghtening of our telomeres is even more important the spectacular visual effects that happens to many of our customers, and that why we are more interested on the long term, as dose after dose of epitalon, week after week, more and more cells are rejuvenated and boosted to replicate much longer than even dreamed of!

So spread the word, ” Ageing is not a fatality , it can be reversed ! ”

MMS Fournisseurs/Suppliers

Il est important que chacun puisse se procurer du MMS dès aujourd’hui, nous avons donc conclu un partenariat avec un fournisseur déjà agréé internationalement. est la traduction officielle des travaux et livres de Mr Jim Humble. Nous y vendons les documents concernant les protocoles d’utilisation du chlorite de sodium a 28%, appelé MMS. (Nous ne pouvons pas vendre du chlorite de sodium sur le meme site internet.)

Si vous désirez acheter du chlorite de sodium a 28%, rendez-vous ici:

Commandez ici au meilleur prix pour le monde entier:

Les autres fournisseurs de MMS (en Anglais uniquement)


Alison InSpirit)
03 9737 0807
61 73357 5656
0419 179 389
MMS Australia Wholesale /


MMS 35 9819 0072


0044 208 123 9492
0049 8856 80 30 848


Solution suitable for water purification
91 731 2490172


MMS (662) 301 09 93

Nouvelle Zélande

Even Keel
(07) 858 4509

Afrique du Sud / Région des îles de l’Océan Indien

Sommex (Pty) Ltd MMS – Wholesale/Retail Whole of Africa, Middle East
+ Indian Ocean Islands 11 791-1947
+27 (0) 834538566
(Johannesburg / South Africa)
MMS for AfricaLehaia
082 7881788
(South Africa)


Thomas Husted
MMS Supplier
US (201) 984-13927

Testimonies BPC 157 from Biotrends clients

I personally would say that a key note to taking the BPC is about its anti-inflammatory capabilities through out the body.

Yes, it lets the body heal fast, it takes care of IBS’s

(Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

and more, but, concerning specifically anti-ageing, it’s its ability to reduce, even eliminate, swelling through out the body.

You and I both know, from our research, that swelling is a major cause of ageing.

This product is also included in their anti-ageing flagship “Rejuvenate Super Set” available here, on which you can get -10% by subscribing at the convenient monthly autoship here.

Here are a few testimonies I received from people using the PRO-HEALER BPC157 manufactured by Biotrends HK. As usual I removed the family names:

1.    Jack T.:  73 years old, Tulsa Oklahoma
I have been suffering from sore joints, tendons and slow to healing for many years now.  A friend of mine recommended I try Pro-Healer BPC-157 and I just felt I needed to write to you and let you know how much I appreciate this product.

The swelling and pain in my joints and the soreness of my tendons has diminished to the point that I often forget I had the problem.  As an added, unexpected, benefit, my stomach no longer hurts in the morning. Maybe I had an ulcer I was not aware of?  I did read that it helps, even can cure ulcers in a few days.  Thank you again.

2.   Roberta B.:  48,  Alberta Canada

This Pro-Healer has been a life saver for me.  I have been diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease for many years now.  Quite often the pain is unbelievable.  I have had to have 3 resections of my intestines so far and I was truly afraid of my future.

Now with the Pro-Healer, I never have pain, all the bloating and swelling is gone.  My doctor is amazed at the change I have had.

The only time I have had a problem since was when I stopped taking it last summer while I was travelling but I started again when I returned home and all is fine again.  I wish you could do an auto-ship for me.

3.        Stephan C.:  52,  Belgium

I am a diabetic and suffer from ulcers on my feet.  I have already lost 1 toe due to this problem.

I am very happy with the Pro-Healer as it has healed my skin ulcers in a very short amount of time.

I mixed it up, just as it shows on the box, and I apply it to all my wounds daily.  At first I thought it would not work, I suppose my expectations were very high and I was wanting instant results.

After a couple of days, however, it was very clear that they were healing and healing quickly.

I have tried so many different things but have never had these kind of results.  I believe that because of Pro-Healer I can manage to keep from loosing any more toes.  I am very happy, thank you so much.

➡ You can see this product here

➡ And register at Biotrends, it’s free here

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