Impact of BPC 157 on healing of ileorectal anas

Predrag Sikiric discusses DDW 2014 Research Forum presentation 134: ‘The impact of the pentadecapeptide BPC 157 on the healing of ileorectal anastomosis in rats following the subtotal colectomy’ scheduled for Saturday, May 3, 2014

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MrPopular22 (December 2015)
I had a painful strong inflammation of my espohagus due to Hiatal hernia and the reflux coming from it for years. It was surgically repaired in 2008, but the pain got even worse after the surgery. I had inflamed esophagus, esophageal cramps which could go on for 2 days without a break and were extremly painful. I also had difficulty with swallowing besides that the hiatal hernia repair was NOT too narrow (Diagnosed: “esophageal hypomotility”), my mouth would feel sore every morning after wakeup due to the Reflux and many many other symptoms that were horrible.
Nothing would help, no PPI medication, no antacids, no home remedies, absolutely nothing and all this got worse and worse year after year.

Long story short: I found this peptide this year and started taking it due to my hopelessness for exactly one month (August – September) and it worked wonders. I can`t even believe what this has done in just 4 weeks. From September until now, i have not had one single cramp in my esophagus, my heartburn is COMPLETLY gone, i can sleep normally, i have no more constant pain and i can swallow without problems, i don`t need medication anymore, , i have no more taste of acid in the mouth every morning and my mouth has healed completly. And that effect stayed even after stopping this peptide for almost two months. This stuff is INCREDIBLE.

Now i`m afraid of possible long term effects of this substance, but for now, it gave me back my life.


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