Compare Epitalons

Lets take a short look at what is epitalon ?

Epitalon is a small peptide made of 4 amino acids: Ala-Glu-Asp-Gly that was first discovered as a peptide preparation of the pineal gland that was later manufactured and sold as Epithalamin or Epitalon in the form of a commercial drug.
One of the main advantages of epitalon is its anti ageing properties via its action on telomerase activation that causes the telomeres to lengthen and protect the dna information from corruption during cell division. It stimulates melatonin release, helps promote pineal gland health, has antioxidant properties, boots energy levels, give you a better sleep just to name a few of the benefits.
It has been tested over a period of 35 years by Russian researcher Professor Vladimir Khavinson and his team of scientists both on humans and animals. They did not discover any side effects and also there are no reports of adverse effects on the forums where people have documented their personal use of epitalon.  Basically these peptides are made of strings of amino acids same as the food we eat.

How is epitalon best administrated

There are several types of administration based on what you can find on the market. You can find epitalon in powder form that needs preparation and then it is injected or taken sub lingual as drops or in the form of gastro protective capsules that are taken orally probably the most convenient way.
Most of the epitalon you can find online it is in lyophilized powder form that needs careful preparation and storage before you can use it  so it does not get contaminated, but you can also find it in capsule form. If you do not use the reconstituted solution faster then 10-14 days stored in fridge you will have to add some alcohol to it to preserved it but that might alter its content to some extent.
Best absorbed if of course by intravenous injection but that is cumbersome and not really for everyday use, because you have to take care to sanitise everything so you do not bring pathogens in your bloodstream. Next best thing will be in gatro protective capsuled as it passes the digestive juices and it is absorbed in the intestines. Also the capsules contain the peptides in more pure form as it is less processed in the freezing and reconstituting process. There are also the sub lingual drops but some of the peptides are lost as they are damaged by the saliva.

What does lyophilized powder mean ?

Lyophilization is a processing method used in pharmaceutical and biotechnology  for storing perishable materials and be easier to transport and also offer bigger shelf life. It is also known as the freeze-drying, a process that consists in the conversion of water from a frozen state directly into a gaseous state without passing through the liquid state.
You can see a demonstration of how to reconstitute peptides in powder form here :

After you have reconstitute it you can take it only by injection form otherwise if taken in oral form it should be taken in a gastro protective capsule as the peptides are broken in the stomach.

We have taken a look at the main online suppliers of epitalon and reviewed their offers and products.

#Biotrends HK Co., LTD a company based in Hong Kong they provide full company information.

They sell epitalon in gastroprotective capsule so no need to bother with storage, preparation or injecting it yourself (if you hate needles). It also comes packed other antioxidants and health maintaining peptides :  L-Carnosine, Lycopene and Resveratrol for a better synergy effect.
One bottle 60 pills and a total of 60mg Epithalamine, 9000mg L-Carnosine, 1440mg L-Carnosine, 7500mg Resveratrol and costs 149.95$. They recommend a daily dosage of 2 pills so one bottle is enough for one month.

They also added the Pure A.E.D.G. in sealed vial (powder form >98% purity) at a very good price of 169$ / 100mg . They pack it in 50mg vials so you open less quantity at once and you can store it for longer periods of time.

They offer shipping methods starting with free shipping up to FED-EX or DHL depending on the destination and payment methods : Paypal, western union or wire transfer.
You can read more information and testimonials on or buy it from here`

# Ceretropic is a nootropics supplier based in Phoenix, AZ..

Besides this, they have no other information on the company that manufactures the peptides they sell. They have a large variety of nootropics and peptides.
There is no information on the form but the image shows a vial and it says it requires bacteriostatic water for reconstituting the peptides so it must be powder.
You will also require a syringe to transfer the water to the peptides and need to store it in fridge all the time don’t drop it or shake it to hard.
One vial contains 100 ml and cost 119$ plus shipping and you also have to buy bacteriostatic water. They only take as payment options Bitcoin or Offshore Visa/Mastercard (China).

# BioLuma Research was one of the first lab to produce it and sell epitalon online since 2013.

They sell it in 50mg vials of freez-dried powder with more then 98% purity. The product was marketed as Pure-Epitalon and later turned to Rejuv Epitalon.
Two bottle or 100mg costs 377$ but according to information available on the internet they do not ship anymore and seem to be out of business. We included this in the comparison as honorary for being a pioneer in the field. Many people have tested it and wrote their testimonials on specialised forums.
The package come with a drop applicator and instructions on how to reconstitute the peptide.
Besides their main site there are a few more that sold their products.

# Maxim Holding Assets LLC

They sell epithalon in powder form, 10MG vials at $34.99. They only ship to united states with USPS and accept check for payment options.
They have a facebook page that it is not maintained with only promotions and marketing offers. There are also some people complaining that orders are not shipped and get no responses from either facebook or email.

# Peptidesciences – No company information

It is a peptide provider from USA. They sell epitalon in 20mg powder vials at $95.00 more expensive then most. You will need to buy bacteriostatic water as well, they offer it for free but only for orders over 200$. They say on the product page they ship worldwide but when you try to checkout you can only chose united states and only shipping method is USPS but they do accept credit card payment.

# Extreme Peptide – no company information most likely based in usa

Epitalon in white powder form in 10ml bottle at $39.99 per vial. Wide variety of peptides. They ship outside of united states but not worldwide only to some countries using fedex and it is quite expensive at 35$ shipping costs almost as a bottle of product. They accept credit card and have a notice for cross border processing fee.

# 5kits No company information the site redirect to a private sale domain

It says it ships from china but not wordwide although they a big list of countries. They sell it in boxes of 10 vials each one of 10mg. One box containing 100mg costs $346$. Shipping and handling expenses are 70$ one of the most expensive among the reviewed sellers.  They offer payments methods bitcoin, they offer 7% discount on bitcoin, western union and moneygram.
ManufacturerEpitalon FormPrice/10mgPayment OptionsShipping
BiotrendsGastroprotective capsule 60 1mg/pill
Pure A.E.D.G. in sealed vial 2x50mg
(powder form >98% purity)
Wester Union
Wire transfer
Registered Post
CeretropicVial powder11.9$Bitcoin
Offshore Visa/Mastercard (China)
International Mail
MaximpeptidePowder 10mg34.99$Check onlyUSPS only
They only ship to USA
PeptidesciencesPowder 20mg47.5$Credit cardUSPS only
They only ship to USA
Extreme PeptidePowder 10mg39.99$Credit cardUSPS
FedEx but not wordwide
steroid 5kits Powder 34.6$Bitcoin
Wester Union
UPS , TNT , DHL etc
(user cannot chose)
Fixed shipping fee 70$

Time to Decide. Which one is best ?

Whether you are an old user of epitalon that started with BioLuma with drop applicator, hardcore user that preferences the purest form in injection or just want to improve your health and longevity and go with the newest improvements and use gastroprotective pills you can find an offer in here. We tried to look at payments methods, shipments, price and reviews. We hope you find the information useful.

To Your best Heath and Longevity Success!