Epitalon anti-ageing telomerase activator

Aging or senescence

Aging or senescence refers to cell aging or indeed to the whole body aging which is considered as the basic cause of body degradation.
At the moment there are two major theories of aging: programmed, following a preset program likely the continuation of growth processes from childhood or related to the degradation caused by environmental factors.

Cell aging in humans is attributed to telomeres shortening with each cell division. This discovery was awarded the Nobel Prize in 2009 when three genetic researchers have discovered the telomeres, a key component of chromosomes.

What are telomeres ?

Telomeres are DNA fragments that do not encode any information but protects the ends of chromosomes from damage, stops chromosomes to fuse with each other and ensure safe cell replication.
Every time a cell divides the chromosome ends become shorter but because they are protected by the telomeres these shorten instead, and the information stored in DNA remains protected.
As this process is ongoing with each cell division telomeres shorten increasingly more until cell division can no longer be performed and the cell dies by a process called apoptosis or programmed cell death.

Telomere shortening and aging

Telomere shortening is associated with aging and diseases related to old age. In 2003 Richard Cawthon found that those who had longer telomeres live longer than those with short telomeres.
The Hayflick limit states that a normal cell divides between 50 and 70 times before dying. As the cell divides, the telomeres at the end of chromosomes decreases and becomes shorter and shorter until a critical limit is reached. This final stage is known as senescence and proves the concept that links the deterioration of telomeres and aging.

Epitalon a powerful telomerase activator

Epitalon is a small peptide consisting of 4 amino acids Ala-Glu-Asp-Gly. It is a bioregulatory peptide, a natural product composed of amino acids, the same as those contained inside your food, and not a dietary supplement or a pharmaceutical drug. For this reason it can be used without any limitations and side effects are inexistent.

“All our peptide bioregulators consist of peptides, and peptides consist of amino acids. All of that is part of our food. All of our bioregulators can be found in products – meat, fish, plant based protein food. Note the difference, I do not call our products drugs or food supplements, these are the bioregulators, that is, natural products that take part in the life circulation process.” [3]

By its action on the pineal gland, epitalon is a potent telomerase activator.
There is an enzyme produced in cells called telomerase that stimulates the lengthening of telomeres. It’s production is regulated by the pineal gland that secretes a hormone called epithalamin that signals the cells to produce telomerase resulting in the lengthening of telomeres.
So decrease in pineal gland activity, as seen in older people, is partly responsible for aging.

Dr Vladimir Khavinson professor and director of the Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology  center is known for the discovery, research and clinical studies on peptide bioregulators which include epitalon, a synthetic version of the epithalamin.
This peptide has been studied extensively in Russia, and telomere elongation was observed after ingestion of oral epitalon. It was taken also by the researchers over a period of twelve years, and after tests their lifespan was increased by 7 years according to their telomere length.

“Addition of Epithalon peptide in telomerase-negative human fetal fibroblast culture induced expression of the catalytical subunit, enzymatic activity of telomerase, and telomere elongation, which can be due to reactivation of telomerase gene in somatic cells and indicates the possibility of prolonging life span of a cell population and of the whole organism.” [1]

Even private testing by users of epitalon showed fascinating results. A forum user on reddit, used epitalon for a period of three months and has tested telomere length before and after at a private clinic Titanovo. He posted the received  results and proved that its cells age improved significantly from a telomere length corresponding to a a 50 years old  to that one of a 10 years old boy. [4]

Antioxidant effects of epitalon and neutralisation of free radicals

The second factor that leads to aging besides the shortening of telomeres is the damage related factors that affect the DNA. Among these free radicals or reactive oxygen species can damage DNA or the proteins leading to what we recognise as aging.

Caloric restriction is a big discovery in the anti aging research and it has been shown that people that are on calorie restriction diets live longer with a 3 to 7 percent increase in longevity.

Michael Ristow and his team of researchers have provided evidence this anti aging effect is produced by an increase in the formation of free radicals in mitochondria that causes an improved defence capacity against antioxidants.

The use of epitalon not only lengthens telomeres but also has strong antioxidant effects, even greater than melatonin as was proven by tests on mice. [7]

“It was shown that peptide preparations from the pineal gland (epithalamin and epitalon) possess antioxidant properties exceeding in some cases the effects of the well-known scavenger of reactive oxygen species (ROS), the melatonin, which is also produced by the pineal gland.” [7]


The existence of a product that can increase the length of telomeres in a safe manner, is a great way to combat and delay aging especially for those of us who can not wait 20-50 years until technology can rejuvenate us.

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