The Pr Sinclair had already found the anti-ageing Resveratrol!

Prof. Sinclair of the Medical School of Harvard University became famous last year thanks to his scientific study which has rejuvenated mice from 60 to 20 years.

But he and his Australian team had already discovered the anti-aging effects of resveratrol 10 years ago!
He is therefore not new in this field, and he has been looking for molecules against ageing for more than 20 years.

After resveratrol they decided to develop molecules even more powerful. The NAD+ had been discovered for several decades, but with his tests, Pr Sinclair showed the full potential of the NAD+ against aging!
It is therefore not the invention of a new molecule, but the discovery of the cellular mechanism that this coenzyme can repair, and thus prevent cell death and even make it possible to rejuvenate them.

Here is a small documentary published on Yahoo News, I transcribed it partially:

Prof. Sinclair has been studying aging for over 20 years. He participated in the discovery of resveratrol and its benefits. They discovered that by giving resveratrol to supercharged mice, they remained young and thin.

It is then that the frenzy for red wine and its resveratrol has started.

Prof Sinclair says they have made good progress since this discovery and are working on even more effective molecules.

 Prof Sinclair: NAD is our latest discovery. For example you can lengthen the life of a mouse that has liver cancer. We hope that this molecule will help humans with cancers.03mn00: Pr Sinclair: Our human cells contain mitochondria, and this is very important against aging because without them the cells die within seconds. So it’s vital, energy is produced.
And when we age, these small batteries nece ssary to produce energy diminish much, they disappear.
And this molecule that we discovered makes it possible to reverse very quickly the aging of these mitochondria, in such a way that they become young again.

03mn30: Pr Sinclair: One of the most important points we have studied is the possibility of protecting the brain because it is useless to keep the body young if the brain does not work properly.

So we looked at whether these protective effects spread to the brain, and the answer is yes!

Mice are thus protected against Alzheimer, Parkinson and others, and they become even more intelligent.

 Despite numerous attacks on their work, Professor Sinclair’s team continues to publish his findings, and no one has ever provided any evidence against the validity of their results.
We check our studies, we reproduce them several times, and the results are always there.04mn20: Journalist: Prof Sinclair is so sure of his results that he himself tries the molecules they have discovered.

04mn25: Pr Sinclair: It is common knowledge that I have been taking resveratrol for 10 years already, and I feel good. My parents have been taking it for 10 years too, and they are still in good shape at over 70 years old.
My father is 75 years old and is in better shape than I am!

05mn25: Pr SInclair: I do not see any limit to the human lifetime. Let us live up to 100 years, I have no doubt. I do not doubt that one day we will live until 150 years, on the other hand I do not know when it will happen.

Here Prof Sinclair explains his career and his discoveries, including resveratrol, on TED in 2013:

I hope to have time to translate other documents on the NAD+ because I have found many others, but do not wait any longer to try it.We are really in an incredible time, where scientists have the means to study closely the functioning of our bodies and find ways to repair it and prevent it from degrading.

The future is better than we can imagine!