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Why Epitalon is tagged as ‘fountain of youth’

The study of preventive methods for premature aging is one of the most highly researched areas in gerontology – the study of aging. Epitalon, the name given to a synthesised peptide version of epithalamin developed by Dr Vladimir Khavinson, is under the spotlight as one of the anti-aging ‘super-agents’. It is has also been referred to as ‘the most incredible anti-aging peptide’, ‘miraculous peptide’ and the ‘most important scientific breakthrough in human health’. Epitalon has been tested on living cells of animals and humans, and has proven to be very effective combating  the process of aging.

(Epitalon is a synthetic version of epithalamin, a tetrapeptide released naturally by the pineal gland, consisting of  4 amino acids –   Alanine (Ala), Glutamine (Glu) , Asparagine (Asp) and Glycine (Gly) – which significantly reduces the incidence of chronic diseases and infections.)


Role of pineal gland, thymus and melatonin in aging

The pineal gland regulates the endocrine system (hormonal system) of the body, and is responsible for regulating day and night cycles along with the hormone melatonin. Melatonin is secreted from the pineal gland, and regulates reproductive hormones, protects the body against oxidative stress, regulates blood pressure, plays a role in bone formation, improves sleep by regulating sleep patterns, and it strengthens the immune system. It is secreted rhythmically by the body during the non-daylight hours and helps in regulating body cycles. Epithalamin regulates melatonin release by the pineal gland. Thymus is a gland that produces the peptide thymaline, a stimulant of the immune system, an anticarcinogenic (protects against cancer) and geroprotective – fights against aging.

To sum it up, the pineal gland, melatonin and thymus all work together to rejuvenate the body, protect it from the rigors of stress on a number of levels, enhances body growth, boosts the immune system, and in general protects the body against age related and other diseases of the heart, liver, lungs and other organs. It has an all encompassing  geroprotective effect (Khavinson 2002).


Aging process due to telomere shortening

Cell division is the primary marker of aging. That is, when cells stop dividing and enter the ‘senescence phase’ humans are said to have ‘aged’. DNA contains all the information and direction for cell division. Ends of chromosomes (tightly packed DNA) are known as telomeres. Telomeres are the end parts of DNA and they protect the genetic DNA (contains all the codes for life) from being affected. With every cell division, ends of chromosomes (telomeres) are reduced. An enzyme known as ‘telomerase’ acts and rebuilds the telomeres to some extent. Younger people have stronger telomeres and telomerase enzymes but as we age, production of this enzyme diminishes.

The point is that when all the telomeres of a cell are reduced, the cells stop dividing and then encoded DNA will be lost. Here comes the signs of aging and disease. More of the telomerase enzyme promises stronger, healthier cells, which can live longer.

Epitalon and anti-aging activity

Epitalon uses multiple approaches to protect the body against aging effects, and  enhances natural telomerase production in the body which otherwise diminishes with age. Research shows that by DNA lengthening through telomerase, the biological clock of cells is reset and cells regain the ability to divide. This also leads to activation of the body’s repair mechanism.

All of these effects work together to increase our lifespan. It is a very effective neurological factor in rejuvenating the whole body, including internal organs and skin, and works towards stopping the process of aging (Khavinson 2005).


Epitalon –proven to be strongly anti-aging

The Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology in St. Petersburg has studied this compound for almost 10 years.  Not only laboratory animals have shown positive results and restoration of their youthfulness, rather it is now benefiting humans as well. A study showed that the mortality rate of elderly people taking epitalon preparation over a 10 year period was reduced significantly (Khavinson 2003).


Why use epitalon when we naturally produce Epithalamin?

Our hormonal system and glands slow down as we age, just as telomeres keep shortening and  cells stop dividing. That means when we age, our body slows its self-rejuvenation mechanism and stops producing epithalamin too! That’s why we need to take Epitalon to cover the loss.


Scientist use it themselves!!!

Scientist who have been working on this miraculous compound are taking Epitalon themselves and are enjoying the benefits, even after a short time, BUT when taken over the long-term and on regular basis it WILL preserve your youth. More to the point, it shows better results if consumed from a young age.

This product is not a false hope and study in this area earned three scientists the ’Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine’ in 2009 for the discovery of how chromosomes are protected by telomeres and the enzyme telomerase (The Nobel Foundation 2015)


Overall effect of epitalon:

Following benefits have been observed in the individuals who were given epitalon:

  • They got sick less often, and healed faster when injured (improved immune system)
  • Aged slower (geroprotective)
  • Increased lifespan (slows down aging)
  • Better appearance (younger looking skin)
  • Better sleep (enhances the effect of melatonin)
  • Better focus (similar to young age)
  • Better sexual stamina
  • Better regulation of neuroendocrine system, reproductive hormones (declining with age)
  • Better regulation of cholesterol and uric acid (declining with age)
  • Reduced oxidative stress of the body, improved action of antioxidants in body.
  • Resets the genetic clock, increases the ability of cells to divide by at least 20 times or more – due to action on telomerase (GSLC 2015)



Anti-aging agents, in general, are anti-oxidants and protect the body from the negative impact of free radicals that would otherwise lead to signs of aging. Epitalon doesn’t just help you stay healthy, it returns your body to a youthful state both externally and internally. This compound leads to one to look AND feel  younger.

Epitalon promises to have a deeply positive effect on your health. It simply keeps the body’s natural process of ‘self-rejuvenation’ functioning so you WILL stop aging and stay young!



The daily recommended dosage is 2 mg, ingested in capsule form, for the easiest and most convenient improvement in your health that you are EVER likely to experience!



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